Tom Connor

IMG_0639.JPG (2)If Paul McCartney and Pete Doherty had a baby and then fed him really well….

I play Guitar and do some loud noises in the band; Some high, some low. I also like to stick my oar in when it comes to song structure because I am obsessed with rhythm and harmony. But luckily my fellow band members have a better grasp on when enough is enough and can calm my obsession with a nice plain broth.
I love many genres of music and the way they each can help tell a story. And although we have found ourselves dubbed a ‘folk n roll’ band I love that we bring other genres into our music to help better tell the story of the songs.
I started playing music as the drummer of a Metallica (pre-arsehole period which they are yet to exit) obsessed band called Spin Drift. We played together from the age of 14-16 and managed to write 4 of our own songs. The rest of the time it was pretty much just Metallica, and usually just the Master of Puppets Album. I went on to play drums for swing bands, soul bands and other cover ventures. However, it wasn’t until I met my good friend and fellow guitarist Nathan Plont…. Plith…. Plest?  I’ll check that later… that I really started to play guitar. And its thanks to my beautiful Fender Strat that I upped my game and became Guitarist for Penny for the Workhouse.
So yeah, basically we got loads of songs. they are all good, because we never let a dud one through to a live show, unlike some “live” “entertainment” “shows” currently available. And yes those words are all in inverted commas. And yes this would easier to understand if it wasn’t text on a screen and you could hear my vocal inflections. And I wasn’t so awful at using punctuation. And yes someone better bring me some plain broth soon…..
All the best.
Tom Connor