How Do Pal!

PFTW zebranosHow do pal, how you doing alright? I’m Sam, I am the drummer and token northerner of the band (I’m actually from the Midlands but try telling that to people who think anything North of Watford is Yorkshire).

I joined the band on a temporary basis mid 2013, however I was honoured to be asked to join band full time christmas that year!  When I was 10 me mates and me wanted to start a band, but we all wanted to play lead guitar which probably wouldn’t work too well having 5 lead guitars trying to play a song…  So me Mum said to me, ‘Why don’t you play the drums, I reckon you’d be good at it?’.  Turns out that was probably the best bit of advice she gave me and to this day I haven’t regretted it.  I was fortunate enough for me Grandad to buy me a drum kit (which I still own) and also an album by a man called ‘Gene Krupa’ who has heavily influenced my drumming.  That was right up until I discovered a man called ‘Travis Barker’ of ‘Blink 182′, and then my drumming style changed altogether.  I love what we’re creating, and it’s a dream to play with mates!

Long live The Workhouse!!!