Howdy Everyone!

DSC_0097Howdy everyone!  Welcome to our band.

So this is the bit where I talk I little bit about me, Nathan.  I share the singing and guitar playing.  I also take bites out of Sam’s food but shhhh!  Unlike Mel with singing and guitar…  Sam does not share food!!

My first taste of London’s music scene was playing at the 100 club with Mel at the Christmas Mod ball.  After Mel and I played a few pubs and clubs with our acoustic guitars.  Penny for The Workhouse was formed.  Our first ever gig was March 2012.

Here’s the bit about me.  I got given a Rockwood electric guitar at the age of 16 and for a whole year I didn’t touch the thing.  As a proper grease ball of a teenager I loved Pop Punk and the idea of being in a band.  I had a spell in a group called Sex Panthers as lead singer. I played around with writing my own songs.  Most have been burnt.  After a year of headlining to birthday parties we decided to call it a day.  Pretty soon after however the planets aligned, my fingers found the guitar and my pen wrote words.  I was shaped into a respectable folk and roll player ready to hitch a ride on this band wagon.

As a kid I listened to a lot of what my parents liked.  I grew up to a lot of Fleetwood Mac, Moody Blues and even my dad’s disco music had an influence.  Somewhere I’m sure Earth, Wind and Fire have left there mark in my song writing!  Spreading my musical wings and going to university exposed me to some great influences.  The Indie side of my life is made up of Hot Hot Heat, The Libertines and The Future Heads.

To me live music is all about sharing. Every band that I see I take something from.

Thanks for your time