Not A CV

DSC_0146I’ll try to keep this as informal as I can, as otherwise it’s going to feel like I’m writing the personal statement on a CV, which I absolutely hate doing.

There! That’s a fact about me that no one knew previously! Although, I guess, any humans reading this (which I hope would include most of you) could probably have already guessed that, as I expect most humans hate writing them too. There! Another fact!

OK. So, the (kind of) serious bit. 

I love music. Always have. Always will. 

I started out by teaching myself a few chords on guitar. Prepare yourself for another little factoid folks – growing up, my favourite band was Blur. And I was delighted about the fact that in a couple of Blur albums, they printed the song chords together with the lyrics, so I was able to strum along to them. But the more closely I listened, the more enchanted I became with Alex James’ basslines. It wasn’t enough to play guitar anymore. I wanted to play bass.

So, I saved up my pocket money until I found a really cruddy second-hand Encore bass that I could just about afford, and started learning from there. I was able to find the sheet music to Elastica’s eponymous first album, and to Oasis’ Definitely Maybe, and once again, listened to and played along to those albums until, in almost the words of the immortal Mr Lennon, I had blisters on my fingers.

So, Britpop aside, my earliest influence as far as playing is concerned would be Glen Miller. Yup. You read that correctly. As soon as I felt confident enough, I joined the High School Swing Band, and I bloody loved every single second of it. It was during Swing Band that I really studied music, chord progressions etc etc, and I think a lot of that style is still echoed in my playing today.

Sorry if that sounds wanky. 

Ummm…. what else, what else….? I love the 50s and 60s. I love glam rock. I love punk. I love metal. I love rock. I love indie. I love classic English folk. I love everything from Beethoven to The Beatles and back to Bach. 

And cats. I had to slip that in somewhere.