Alwrite Mate!

IMG_0339Alwite mate! Mel here, so here’s a bit about me.
I founded PFTW in 2012 along with my good mate Nath and we prove that working with great talented mates does the job!

I trained in musical theatre before realising that I’m better suited to FOLK’n’ROLL!
Growing up in a heavily music orientated household I was always influenced from a very early age by 60’s music (being the sound of my parents generation) my dad was the man to thank for this and his great taste in music reflected on me. The Small Faces, Motown, American R’n’B, The Beach Boys, Buddy Holly are just some of the great sounds that I danced around to as a child and have influenced me musically since. Ever since I remember I have been fascinated by old Victorian London and the stories that came from this era, my favourite of course being “Oliver Twist”

I loved 90’s Britpop as a kid (Blur, what a band!) and after that era just as everyone thought all hope was lost for the charts the great indie bands of my early twenties arrived! It was those bands such as Kasabian, The Arctic Monkeys, Fratellis, The Libertines and Babyshambles that made me grab a guitar and start writing my own music rather than singing other peoples classics. Pete Doherty is my song writing hero, he tells stories and mixes a lot of musical styles which is what I try to do.

Music should be made up of meaning, songwriting is a form of telling stories and this is what myself and the band pride ourselves on. Stories that everyone can relate to, of the normal working person.

In this day of the X-factor and manufactured music it would be very sad to lose what music should be about and it isn’t about size 6 16 year olds singing about love and other subjects they don’t know yet, it should be about real life experience and doing it the hard way, the kind of sound that you listen to in your home with a whiskey on the rocks as well as dancing the night away uptown!

So that’s me, live and love music, it’s a special gift to us!